Large & extravagant headdress

Big Headdress - for extravagant Performances

It's showtime, ladies. The brave among you, who like to put themselves in the limelight, will enjoy these lavish and elaborate creations. Inspired by the opulent headdresses of the burlesque dancers and Las Vegas showgirls of the 50s, the big headdresses of each wearer guarantee a spectacular performance.

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Big Headdress

Las Vegas, Moulin Rouge, Lido - great costumes and stunning headdress

They are the epitome of the opulent costumes of the showgirls of past times - elaborately designed headdresses, which often contained more material than the rest of the dancers' wardrobe. What began in the big shows at the Moulin Rouge and Lido continued on the stages in Las Vegas. In the 1950s, casinos tried to outdo each other with memorable shows, which was also reflected in the increasingly sensational costumes of their dancers. The showgirls became icons of the American entertainment mile, not least because of the artistically designed headgear, which often weighed several kilos.

Big headdresses as an outstanding element in burlesque shows

Similarly artfully designed as with showgirls, the head addresses of the burlesque dancers were and are again today. Their very skin-tight costumes leave little room for manoeuvre. And so it is the extraordinary headdresses that give the often ironic-grotesque appearances of the burlesque dancers a textile wink.
Our Big Headdresses with Sugar Skulls, Flamingos, Elephants and the famous Tutti Frutti fruit baskets à la Carmen Miranda will certainly make a big entrance. Whether on stage or for your very private showtime.

Miranda’s Choice: Hair accessories for your fancy and stylish retro outfit

At Miranda's Choice, we design and lovingly handcraft our small and elegant hat creations, such as our fascinators, half hats, trendy turbans and hair flowers, our extravagant jewellery and our popular plate skirts, as well as our pompous headdresses for your grand entrance.