Hairband with wire

Short hair bands with wire - perfect hold for every day

Our hairbands with wire are simply the perfect accessory to tame your hair quickly and stylishly in everyday life. The hair bands are hand sewn and reinforced with a wire, they are not knotted but twisted. The wire gives both the knot and the hairband itself a perfect hold on the head. 
Thanks to Rosie the Riveter, the look has become an integral part of the rockabilly scene.
... there she stands with her red and white polka dot hairband, the dynamically rolled-up shirt sleeves and the "We can do it" slogan - Rosie the Riveter. She has shaped the image of the working and independent woman since the 1940s - and the typical Rockabella style. Yet it was originally an invention of US war propaganda and was intended to motivate women to work in the armaments industry. Riveters were "riveters" who assembled aircraft and other war vehicles. The hair band protected the hairstyle from dust and dirt.


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Colours and patterns for every style

hairband with polka dots Hairband with Polka Dots
Hairband uni coloured Hairband uni coloured
Hairband with pattern Hairband with pattern


Our hairbands with wire are not only very practical, we also make them in many different colours and patterns.
Whether you prefer the classic Rockabilly hairband in black or red with polka dots, love patterns like flowers, leopard or stripes, or prefer a solid colour in red, blue, green or black. They are not only eye-catching, but also washable.