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Clothing - hand-sewn circle skirts and a little more

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Clothing - hand-sewn circle skirts and a little more

Circle skirts, rockabilly clothes & outfits in vintage style

Not all vintage is vintage. We speak of vintage when we usually mean vintage style or vintage look. This style is based on the clothing style that ranges from the 1920s to the 70s. Miranda's Choice also offers vintage inspired pieces, so the products are not old. It is different with the term "true vintage". Here products are described that are really old (e.g. second-hand fashion)

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The concept of Rockabilly

Rockabilly actually describes a music style. It is used in fashion, but usually describes rigid clichés. So there are symbols, patterns and attitudes which are called "typical Rockabilly": Hair quiff, red lips, vintage or hot rods, dice, cherries, petticoat, polka dots.

The circle skirt as a classic piece of clothing

Floor-length circle skirts already existed around 1890. In the post-war years, however, the focus was more on clothes that were less wasteful of fabric. The circle skirt was married by the fashion designer Christian Dior, who dedicated an entire collection to this garment in 1947, thus revolutionizing the fashion world. Soon Audrey Hepburn (in "A Heart and a Crown"), Grace Kelly or Sophia Loren also appeared in the circle skirt.

We have specialized above all in circle skirts. The skirt can be worn with or without petticoat and is characterized by its swinging shape. The circle skirt is suitable for women of all ages and figures, it always depends on the details, which emphasize the advantages and e.g. pack smaller problem zones well. 

With circle skirts over tops up to complete outfits we want to help you to emphasize your personality in style. We have designed all our garments ourselves, they are handmade in our studio in the Münsterland region with much love and high quality standards. We do not only respect fair trade in our choice of fabrics, but also the ecological footprint is important

The circle skirt belongs to the 50's fashion like the red lipstick to Rockabella

Hardly any other garment is so closely associated with rockabilly as the wide swinging fabric panels. Especially the swinging shape of the circle skirt makes it very popular with rock'n'roll, square dance and boogie dancers. So girls - 'Rock' around the clock  ;-).

Knee-length circle skirts - the perfect vintage outfit with the right accessories

With circle skirts, tops and complete outfits, we want to help you underline your personality in style. You can add an extra touch to your outfit with a stylish fascinator from our hair accessories collection, stylish vintage hats or fancy earrings and matching necklace.