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Vintage and Rockabilly Style Fascinators

Wonderful, elegant and playful fascinators - our small hat creations that simply enchant. Whether you prefer classic vintage style with veils and flowers, rockabilly style with bows and dice, playful with animals and fairy tales or maritime with anchors - discover the variety and colourfulness!


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Rockabilly & Vintage Style - your Fascinators are sure to be included

Flowers and leaves

Flowers are probably the oldest way to decorate his head. That's why Fascinator with flowers is considered more classical. However, the flower composition itself can reveal much about the hat and the wearer through colour, arrangement and type of flower: noble, simply playful, romantic. Fascinators with exotic flowers are often associated with the Tiki style. The Tiki culture is an old hat in the Vinatge world. Accessories with bamboo, frangipanis, monster leaves and all sorts of exotic details enjoy unlimited popularity.

Sweets and cakes

In hardly any other subculture like the vintage or rockabilly scenes are creations made of/with fruit more important: cherries as tattoo motif, pineapple as decorative element, lemons printed on fabric, miniature fruit as jewellery. Through Enie van de Meiklokjes, baking and hat fashion somehow belong together. Fascinator can be a feast for the eyes with pastries, cakes and other delicacies.

Nautical Fascinators - Ahoy!

Maritime fascinators with stripes, anchors and ships are simply part of it. Old school tattoos like anchor or mermaid are simply part of the rockabilly scene. But maritime vintage fashion also includes simpler designs like stripes.  The colours red, white and blue are almost obligatory here.


Especially the Rockabilly style can be very playful, that's why Fascinator is available that makes childhood dreams come true. Most fairy tales let us sink into a magical world, we feel like a princess or are even the brave dragon slayer. Our Fascinators give you the opportunity to become a part of history yourself and keep the child inside you. Be a student of magic, wear a glass slipper, sleep for many years, kiss the frog, climb into the rabbit hole or fly with the wind. Or how about your favourite animal? Flamingo, fox and co. are skilfully staged on the hat and thus combine hat and animal love!

The matching accessory

You can find fascinators for almost every theme. Did you know that we also have matching jewellery? A large selection of earrings is also waiting for you! By the way, you can combine a fascinator with a turban or hair band.