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Vintage jewellery- for the perfekten Rockabilly Look

Jewellery is not just jewellery. It is an expression of style, an expression of individuality and character. Jewellery is joy of life, experiment and declaration of love. Jewellery is affirmation and a statement. And sometimes all of this can be put in a very striking light. That is why our pieces of jewellery can also be called statement jewellery. 

Rockabilly jewellery - colourful 50s accessories

We are creative, there are no limits to the range of themes at Miranda's Choice. Often our pieces of jewellery are vintage oriented. We are always looking for original or reproduced pieces. From noble to playful to shrill there is something for every jewellery lover!

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Jewellery & history

The history of jewellery is as long as mankind itself. Even in the Stone Age people decorated themselves with shells, snail shells or bones. It is surprising, but in ancient times earrings were mainly worn by men. The clergy, nobles, kings and the well-heeled upper class always adorned themselves with ornaments made of gold, silver, platinum, pearls, ivory and precious stones. Especially in times of war and economic crises jewellery and precious metals were also used as means of payment.

Vintage jewellery - essential accessories 


In post-war Germany, jewellery from private individuals was claimed by the Allies as reparations. The ladies still wanted to adorn themselves, but it had to be affordable. New materials in jewellery processing made their way into the fashion world as early as the 1920s - costume jewellery was created (at that time it was not yet a term that stood for rather inferior jewellery). Even before the legendary Coco Chanel made costume jewellery really presentable, it was the great French jewellers who produced outstanding creations with decidedly avant-garde designs and did not stop at the use of new plastics. 


Plastics thus made it possible to produce pieces of jewellery from bakelite, lucite or soft plastic. Although soft plastic was produced in Germany, it enjoyed great popularity, especially in America. They were not showpieces that women bought new in those years, they were accessories that above all conveyed the feeling of having something new, of being able to keep up with fashion again. With the change of the new, modern times, daring people wore striking, large ear jewellery creations. 

Retro jewellery & early merchandising

A major factor in the popularization of costume jewelry were Hollywood movies. The leading female stars of the 1940s and 1950s often wore these pieces and thus supported sales. If Bette Davis wore a necklace in "The Private Lifes of Elizabeth and Essex", a copy could be purchased. Stars like Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Russell became advertising icons for the jewelry industry and large department stores like Woolworth made it possible for ordinary women to own and wear such jewelry.