Pendants, necklaces, colliers

Pendants, necklaces and colliers
Today, neck jewellery comes in a wide variety of forms - from necklaces and pendant necklaces to fine pearl necklaces. 

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A very noble variant of the necklace is the necklace which is especially characterized by the fact that it fits tightly to the neck.  Chains in vintage style are often made of plastic (similar to the former Bakelite). At Miranda's Choice there is a variety of eye-catching necklaces, which are beaded with sweet pendants, reflect the Tiki style with bamboo and resin flowers or are dedicated to floral elements like from the Art Nouveau era. You can also find pendants worn on fine ball chains or on a jewellery ribbon. Our jewellery is often vintage oriented. We are always looking for original or reproduced pieces. From noble to playful to shrill, there is something for every jewellery lover! For most of our necklaces we also offer the matching earrings.


Monstera & white plumeria collier
This necklace with 3 wooden monstera leaves and small white frangipani flowers is the perfect accessory for a Hawaiian or Tiki party. The pretty leaves are a vintage classic. The chain in old bronze colours can be easily adjusted to the right length. We also have matching earrings with leaves and plumeria. 
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