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Elegant, exotic, extravagant - vintage hats for every occasion.

It is a matter of the heart for us to make the hat, similar to shoes or cap and scarf, a standard element of the wardrobe again. Until the 1950s, wearing a hat was taken for granted and there were so many different models that there was a suitable hat fashion for almost every occasion. Unfortunately, hats today are hardly part of normal everyday life and are worn, if at all, only on formal occasions. And we want to change that.

Depending on the occasion, you can wear our hats made of straw and bast with playful summer dresses or, as a grand lady, stylishly complement the elegant double-breasted hat with a hat in a matching colour. Here you will find the right hat for every great vintage outfit.

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It brings exoticism into play: Asian cone summer hat

In the 50s the world was open. All of Europe was travelled and foreign countries were explored. The more exotic, the better. Our Asian summer hat in the shape of a cone reminds us of this time. The large conical hat serves in Asia as rain and sun protection. We have reduced it considerably to 23 cm and, as with all our hat models, we have designed it with great attention to detail.

The Canotier - a straw hat like a flowering wheat field

A classic among the straw hats is the summery light flat canotier. You can wear our mini straw hat variant cheekily on the side of the head and thus show off your artistically styled hairstyle. Straw hats go perfectly with playful summer outfits and with the elegant cocktail dresses of the 50s. Our straw hat offers numerous combination possibilities through interchangeable flowers or exchangeable braids.

The Pillbox

The Pillbox stands like no other fashion accessory for the elegant look of the 50s. This slightly flattened, round hat without brim with stiff, straight sides gives your wardrobe the small but decisive icing on the cake and makes you the first lady of the day. Because it was Jackie Kennedy, the wife of the 35th US president, who made the simple form of the pillbox popular worldwide.

Feel like Jackie K. with the original pillbox from the 50s

In the 50s and 60s the pillbox was to be seen almost daily on the front pages of fashion magazines. Either as part of a fashion show or through its most famous wearer: Jackie Kennedy. The wife of the then US President John F. Kennedy was considered one of the best dressed women in the world and was the most photographed First Ladies in the USA. Already in the 50s, the pillbox was part of every fashionably elegant appearance. But it was only through Jackie Kennedy's public appearances that the pillbox became known worldwide. The First Lady wore the hat in a medium sized version on the back of her head.
While the Pillbox was initially worn rather plain and in matching colours to the wardrobe, it developed over time with strong colours, expressive patterns and accessories such as bows and veils to a quite extravagant headgear.

Hat with flower bouquet - for a glamorous appearance

Our vintage hats are hard to beat in terms of flexibility and adapt in colour to any grandiose retro outfit. You can vary a hat model with different floral bouquets. Or you can wear the flowers as a beautiful brooch on your lapel or as a highlight in your hair. There are endless possibilities to play with this hat. No matter which variation you choose, with these hats you will feel like a movie star of the 50s!


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Which hat is right for me?

Not everyone is comfortable wearing a hat, but they don't want to miss out on the style of the good old days. You can also wear a small fascinator with your circle skirt. Our hair bands and mini fascinators are perfect for everyday office wear. Or decorate yourself discreetly with earrings and matching necklaces.