Miranda's choice desinged for Stars

Star Collection ★ limited products of our cooperation with star potential

Limited Edition: Designed to make any Women look like a Star

We all know them from YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. We follow bloggers and photo models, admire their style and get heart palpitations when we meet them live and maybe even take a photo together.

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We are always very happy when we can inspire well-known faces from the Rockabilly & Vintage scene to create a small collection with us. A collection like this is a lot of work for both sides. From the idea, to the design, to the finished product, large quantities of scrap paper, strips of fabric or dozens of beads fall victim to creativity. We are all the more proud of the results! 
These pieces of jewellery or headdresses are available exclusively at Miranda's Choice in limited editions. You can look forward to names like Madame Rhos, Rose Delicate, Paula Walks, Miss Betty Raven, Wilhelmina Af Fera, Shirinatra...