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Brooches and flowers for hats
The history of the brooch dates back to the Bronze Age. In ancient Greece, the brooch had a double function: it was both a clasp and a piece of jewellery. When buttons were invented in the 14th century, a new way of closing clothes was created and the brooch was transformed into a purely decorative object.


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Brooches are pieces of jewellery that are placed on a safety pin and are attached to clothing above the chest. Also small pins, as they were very popular in France, belong to the brooch family. Orders are also often attached to the lapel of the dignitary with a brooch pin. The brooch is generally regarded as a small accessory that enhances the clothing worn. The brooch creations at Miranda's Choice often match our other jewelry pieces in our assortment. Often our designs are based on the vintage style. But you will also find all kinds of floral items at our shop. Small bouquets can be used as brooches or as interchangeable accessories on a straw hat. Large flower bouquets can decorate your blouse as well as your head or hat.


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