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Tiki style, vintage inspired, with animals and exotic ear jewellery - also in silver and with ear clips

Miranda's Choice go for fancy earrings. Often our jewelry is vintage oriented, very close to the original or reproduced individual pieces.


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First things first: we offer almost all earrings in 925 silver, as clips or plugs. The materials we use are usually very light, so the earrings look heavier than they are. So the world of our self-made earrings is open to you. And you are spoilt for choice, whether you want to be discreet in vintage style with flower ear jewellery, summery in tiki design, nobly sparkling or make a statement with our unusual earrings with animals.

Fruit earrings


Fruit Earrings 

As children, we used to decorate ourselves by dangling a pair of cherries over our ears. The love for fruity earrings has never waned. In the 1950s it was the small bakelite pendants in the shape of pineapple or banana, but today it is acrylic that is used for casting small pendants. So you will find everything from pineapple to lemon in our range, even small fruit basket earrings in the Carmen Miranda style.
Flower earrings


Flower Earrings 

People have been decorating themselves with floral elements or flowers themselves since time immemorial.  Our ear jewellery with flowers can be romantic (roses), exotic (frangipani) or even whimsical (carnivorous plant), just like the type of flower itself. It is woven from lace as light as a feather, cast in acrylic or moulded from polymer clay. 
Earrings sloth


Earrings with animals 

Here, we usually fall back on hand-picked collector's toys that are often no longer produced and are therefore limited.  We love breathing new life into these little acquisitions and playfully combining them with other elements: A sloth on a bamboo stick, a flamingo in the grass, a cardinal on a pole, a lobster on a plate...

Vintage Earrings


Vintage style Earrings 

The term vintage describes objects or items of clothing that are several decades old, which are originals from the respective time.  from the respective time. Vintage style here combines wearing original old pieces with new pieces but made to look old. Vintage actually means old-fashioned or classic. Miranda's Choice jewellery is not several decades old. They are new pieces, but always looking for inspiration in the good old days. 
classy earrings


Classy Earrings 

Elegance knows no age. Noble pieces of jewellery are therefore both vintage and modern.  Above all, we like to let it sparkle and glitter with our earring series with cut drops made of acrylic glass. But we also use pendants made of real glass; cut like in a chandelier, they refract the light particularly beautifully.
Rockabilly cherry earrings


Rockabilly Earrings 

Typical symbols are dice, billiard balls with the figure eight, swallows or cherries, and of course you will also find these elements in our earrings.
In the 80s, this fashion experienced a new boom and greats like Madonna wore typical small hats with net (Fascinator) or quite short tulle petticoats. Rockabilly actually describes less a style of dress and more a subspecies of rock'n'roll. The music was coined in the mid-50s - Bill Haley and Elvis Presley are among the most important representatives.


After the privations of the Second World War, earrings made of precious metals were hardly ever worn. It was new, artificially produced materials that were used to make jewellery and were henceforth called costume jewellery. They were not precious showpieces that women bought new in those 50s. They were accessories that above all conveyed the feeling of having something new, of being able to keep up with fashion again. With the change of the new, modern times, daring women wore eye-catching, big fancy earrings and jewellery creations.

Frequently asked questions

What are the ear hooks, what are they made of?

According to our material dealer, they are nickel & cadmium free. But we offer you almost all earrings with 925 silver ear hooks. By the way, you can also order the earrings as clip or stud earrings.

I do not have pierced ears

You can also choose our earrings as clip/ ear screws.

Aren't they heavy?

In most cases the earrings are always very light, the wearing comfort is very important to us. You can always find the weight in the item description. For the few heavier models, we recommend stud earrings that are closed with a wide ear screw.


Complete your retro outfit and really show off your earrings. How about  matching fascinators to enhance the effect of your earrings? Or a vintage style hat, such as a pillbox? More playful with an Easy Turban or very bold with a side cap? 


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Facebook Bewertung von Katharina

Katharina S.Facebook Empfehlung April 2020

Miranda's Choice ist meine erste Anlaufstelle, wenn es um großartige und außergewöhnliche Mode und Accessoires geht. Alle Produkte sind von der Chefin persönlich handgemacht - mit ganz viel Liebe und Leidenschaft. Sonderanfertigungen sind kein Problem und der Kreativität sind keine Grenzen gesetzt Was mir besonders gefällt, ist, dass alles 100% selbstgemacht und made in Germany ist. Da kann ich guten Gewissens shoppen. 

StefanieGoogle Bewertung Februar 2021

Ich hab schon einige Fascinator und Ohrringe zu Hause von ihr. Immer mit ganz viel Liebe gestaltet und absolut fantastisch ❤️❤️❤️ und für mich sehr wichtig: toller Service und sogar mit Echtsilber Ohrhaken auf Wunsch. Immer wieder gerne

Facebook Bewertung von Maike

MaikeFacebook Empfehlung April 2020

Miranda’s Choice hat wunderschöne besondere Einzelteile, tolle Head pieces, tolle und außergewöhnliche Kleider und vieles mehr. Natürlich alles mit sehr viel Liebe handgefertigt! Sehr zu empfehlen!