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Vintage earrings: fancy earrings, small ear studs, earclips & more

Miranda's Choice go for fancy earrings. Often our jewelry is vintage oriented, very close to the original or reproduced individual pieces. Ear jewellery with small animals, with tiki elements, colourful flowers, handmade pendants, geometric shapes, floral art deco style, made of plastic, plastic or bamboo, from noble to playful to shrill, there is something for every lover of earrings! With almost all our earrings you can choose whether they should be attached with earhooks made of sterling silver, clips or plugs. To many earrings we often offer a matching necklace.

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Costume jewellery in the post-war period

After the privations of the Second World War, earrings made of precious metals were hardly ever worn. These were new, artificially produced materials that were used for jewellery production and were henceforth called costume jewellery. They were not valuable showpieces that women bought new in those 50s. They were accessories that above all conveyed the feeling of having something new, of being able to keep up with fashion again. With the change of the new, modern times, daring women wore striking, large ear jewellery creations.

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Earstuds with flower & pink drops

Sparkling drop and enamel flower in pink.
Sweet and girly ear jewellery made of an ensemble with enamel flower and small pearls, underneath is a slightly transparent drop pendant. This ear jewellery from our Klunker series underlines your playful side. Nevertheless, the earrings look quite elegant because the drop pendant is elegantly cut and the light is seductively refracted. The little flower is sparkling, too, with a rhinestone set in its blossom.

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Sparkle Earrings with Small Drops in Dark Green
Earrings with small dark green sparkling drops - earrings in Vinatage style.
From our bling series, here are the variants in elegant emerald green. The pretty glass-cut drops adorn an acrylic gemstone in shimmering olive green. The light is reflected and refracted differently by the drops and the stone, creating beautiful plays of colour in shades of green. These earrings are classy but not obtrusive and they can be combined with many outfits. 
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