Straw & Conical Hats: Classic, flat or Asian in Cone Shape

straw and conical hats

Handmade straw and raffia hats

Small, flat straw hats

Our small flat straw hats - also known as Canontier - are lovingly handmade from straw. They look best when worn sideways. Our straw hats offer numerous combination possibilities due to changeable flowers and ribbons. You'll also find vintage-inspired hats with a small brim in the shape of a hemisphere with a veil and small flowers. Or, for the more crazy, a very "quirky" hat. 

Small cone-shaped hat

In the 50s, the world was open. People travelled all over Europe and explored foreign countries. The more exotic, the better. Our Asian summer hat in cone shape is reminiscent of this time, it is also known under the name picnic hat.  The cone hat is still worn in Asia today. We have shrunk it a little and embroidered it with bast flowers or decorated it with fruits.

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