colorful hair flowers

Handmade hair flowers in many sizes and variations

Both exotic and smaller hair flowers are popular as a special accessory for alternative outfits and are once again attracting attention due to the boho trend with romantic flower wreaths. They are also very popular in the rock'n'roll and vintage scene.

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Hair Flower & Corsage Poinsettia Red Velvet Hair Flower & Corsage for Christmas
Hair flowers are a special eye-catcher for winter too. Especially the colour red sets wonderful accents. This hair flower consists of a poinsettia and small holly, all made of velvet. You can use the flower as a hair flower or as a brooch on your clothes.
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Frangipani hair flower



Small hair flowers add the finishing touch to a simple outfit and set great accents - and they can be exotic or made of the right material to match the summer season.

High-quality hibiscus flowers made of fabric, frangipani foam flowers, flowers made of velvet and constantly new creations are part of our range. Our flowers are attached to the hair with a crocodile clip. The clips are covered with fabric so that the hair is protected.

colourful hair flower corsage hat flower



One summer we succeeded in creating a special highlight when we developed our multifunctional flowers. They are worn in the hair either on the side or on the back of the head over the Gibson roll. However, with a trick and the included accessories, these clip-on flowers can be used as a flower brooch on a blouse or, thanks to Velcro, as a hat flower (only works with Miranda's Choice hats).

Large headdress red flowers



If you talk about flowers, you probably can't avoid the great Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo is not only an icon of the women's movement, but her flower hair accessories also make her an icon.

Our flower crowns are fixed on a base and come with a hair band.


Aloha! As early as the 1950s, people used other cultures to decorate themselves or their homes (Tiki culture). It's hard to imagine a rockabilly outfit without a hibiscus or frangipani flower in the hair. A flower wreath is also totally on trend for romantic weddings and emphasises the bride's feminine charisma.  

Throughout its history, the flower wreath has had very different meanings. In ancient times it was a symbol of fertility, in the Middle Ages it was associated with fertility, in the 1970s the flower wreath symbolised rebelling against convention. In some countries, a flowery hair ornament is part of the traditional costume. In Japan, for example, there is the Kanzashi, a hair ornament with flowers of a certain month, which is worn in the traditional Japanese hairstyle of women.

One of the most famous wearers of hair flower ornaments is probably the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. In fact, hair flowers have a very old history and are even among the oldest headdresses in the world. 

Frequently asked questions

How is it that the flower can also be used as a hat flower and brooch flower?

Our special flower bouquets are equipped with a velcro strip at the bottom, you can find the counterpart on our hats. To wear as a hair flower, 2 crocodile clips are inserted and as a brooch you use the supplied safety pins.

I am looking for certain hair flowers/ do they come smaller?

We have a very large stock of materials and good contact with various flower suppliers, describe me your wishes and certainly we can make your wish come true.
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