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Hair Flowers - from exotic to classy

Both exotic and smaller hair flowers are popular as a special accessory for alternative outfits and are once again attracting attention due to the boho trend with romantic flower wreaths. They are also very popular in the rock'n'roll and vintage scene.

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As early as the 1950s, people used other cultures to decorate themselves or their homes (Tiki culture). It's hard to imagine a rockabilly outfit without a hibiscus or frangipani flower in the hair. A flower wreath is also very trendy for romantic weddings and emphasises the bride's feminine charisma.

In our range you will find simple, small hair flowers like a single frangipani flower on a leaf or larger flower arrangements. These opulent hair flowers can be worn not only as hair accessories but also as corsage flowers or hat flowers. Large floral arrangements crown your head in a truly regal way (check out our big headdresses).

Hair flowers

Throughout its history, the flower wreath has had very different meanings. In ancient times it was a symbol of fertility, in the Middle Ages it was associated with fertility, in the 1970s the flower wreath symbolizes the rebellion against conventions. In some countries, a flowery hair decoration is part of the traditional costume. In Japan, for example, there is the Kanzashi, a hair decoration with flowers of a certain month, which is worn in the traditional Japanese hairstyle of women.

Among the most famous wearers of flower decorations in the hair is probably the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. In fact, hair flowers have a very ancient history and are even among the oldest headdresses in the world.