Hats with fabric: pillbox & co

Hats with fabric: pillbox & co

Pillbox & Circle hat - the vintage hat fashion in elegant retro look

The Pillbox  refers to a small flattened hat with a very small or no brim. Jackie Kennedy made the Pillbox Hat probably the most famous hat of the 50s and since then it has become an indispensable accessory for flight attendants of that time. But not only they adorn themselves with this evergreen stylistic device. The Pillbox hat is still worn today for official occasions, such as baptisms or civil weddings.


Velveteen Circle Hat - noble little hat from the 40s: read more

The Velveteen hat originates from the 1940s, this hat was especially popular in England and the USA. Velveteen describes the velvet-like material which, as an achievement of industrialization at that time, is not made of cotton but of synthetic fiber.

Pillbox Hat - the simply elegant headgear for women

Mostly the Pillbox hat is plain coloured or only discreetly patterned, e.g. by dots or leopard pattern. Widespread is the processing of wool, velvet or silk. Exclusively in our shop you can even find a Pillbox Hat made of straw and gives the hat a summery, light touch.

Feel like Jackie K. with the original pillbox from the 50s

In the 50s and 60s the pillbox was to be seen almost daily on the front pages of fashion magazines. Either as part of a fashion show or through its most famous wearer: Jackie Kennedy. The wife of the then US President John F. Kennedy was considered one of the best dressed women in the world and was the most photographed First Ladies in the USA. Already in the 50s, the pillbox was part of every fashionably elegant appearance.
But it was only through Jackie Kennedy's public appearances that the pillbox became known worldwide. The First Lady wore the hat in a medium sized version on the back of her head. While the Pillbox was initially worn rather plain and in matching colours to the wardrobe, it developed over time with strong colours, expressive patterns and accessories such as bows and veils to a quite extravagant headwear

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