Circle hat, Pillbox and Boater Wollhut

Pillbox, Circle Hat & Hats made of Wool - Vintage Hat Fashion in an Elegant Retro Look

In this category you will find all hats that are covered with fabrics. This includes the classic pillbox, the velvet-covered circle hat from the 40s and our pretty woollen hats.

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Pillbox - the Simple Elegant Headwear for Women

The pillbox hat is a small flattened hat with a very small brim or none at all. Jackie Kennedy made the pillbox hat the most famous hat of the 50s, and since then it has become an indispensable accessory for flight attendants of the time. But they are not the only ones to adorn themselves with this evergreen stylistic device. Even today, the pillbox hat is still worn on official occasions such as christenings or civil weddings. You can even find a pillbox hat made of straw exclusively at our shop..

Velveteen Circle Hat - noble little hat from the 40s

The Velveteen hat originates from the 40s, this hat was especially popular in England and the USA. Velveteen describes the velvet-like material which, as an achievement of industrialisation at that time, was not made of cotton but of synthetic fabric.

Wool hats

Diese kleinen Hüte ähneln der Form des Cantonier Strohhuts. Er besteht aus einem festen Kautschug und wir mit Stoffen (z.B. Wolle) bezogen. Mit kleinen Blumen versehen erinnert er an Hüte aus den späten 30er Jahren. Wir nennen ihn auch gerne Mary-Poppins-Hut.

From Fabric Hats to Berets - Vintage Hats and Caps of the 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s

You won't just find the popular pillbox hats here. In keeping with our passion for vintage fashion, we also offer a selection of vintage hats and caps (such as berets and side caps) as well as elegant straw hats and extravagant fascinators. We design all our jewellery ourselves and stick to vintage patterns. Every piece from earrings to circle skirts is handmade with love. Discover the diversity of Miranda's Choice.