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We handcraft original vintage headdresses & rockabilly hair accessories with a large portion of love, a lot of imagination, care and attention to detail. Whether you're looking for a matching fascinator for your wedding, want to complete your dress with a half hat (this also includes Bandeau Hats and Infintity Hats) in the original vintage style, love the stylish 50s look with headdress or want to discreetly adorn yourself in everyday life with a mini fascinator - with us you'll find the right vintage & rockabilly hair accessories right down to the hair flower


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Our Fascinator Online Shop - exquisite selection for handmade hair accessories

All the fascinators in our online shop are attached to the hair with clips and are designed and made by us with love and in top quality. You can buy your perfect fascinator here for every occasion and taste. They come with cute little fruits and animals, floral elements, made of cotton or velvet, with or without a veil. The Fascinator and its history The inventor of the Fascinator: Queen Marie Antoinette The era of the Fascinator began in the splendid 18th century. Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI's wife, who was known for her lavish lifestyle, truly took it to the extreme with her daring headdresses. Shawls, pearl necklaces, peacock feathers - almost every fashion accessory was found in her elaborate tower hairstyles. Even though the term 'fascinator' was not yet known in Paris at the time, Marie's head creations fully lived up to the Latin meaning of this headdress: Fascinator derives from the Latin word for 'to enchant' - fascinare. The literal crowning glory of her headdresses was a sailing ship that seemed to glide along through her hair laid in waves. 

1920s to 1960s - the high time of creative fascinators

Until 1930, lavish headdresses with long ostrich feathers and rhinestones played a very special role in the days of burlesque. Today's pin-up icons like Dita von Teese have breathed new life into not only burlesque but also the fascinator. By the way, the fascinator is an elementary part of the whole show and is not taken off, just like the breast pasties and panties. Until the 1960s, it was almost frowned upon for ladies to leave the house without appropriate headgear. Hats of all kinds not only provide protection but are also a decorative element. The milliners of the 40s and 50s in particular were considered very creative and gave free rein to their imagination in their headwear. 

Icon of hats - Carmen Miranda

The lady in the tutti frutti has Carmen Miranda as a special style icon of the good old days. In the 30s and 40s, the Brazilian enchanted the whole of America with her incomparable smile, her voice and especially with her individual large headdress. She was a trained milliner and always designed and made all her creations herself. Thus Carmen Miranda was not only given the title "the Brazilian bombshell" but also "the lady in the tutti frutti hat" - to match her hit song of the same name. Turban fascinators with sweeping decorations of all kinds of fruits became her trademark. We deliberately chose our brand name as a tribute to this extraordinary woman.

Our Mini Fascinators, Hair Flowers and other stylish accessories for a pretty accent.

The Mini Fascinators are less lavishly decorated and perfect for your everyday Rockabellal life. They are a mixture of hair ornament and headpiece. Here, too, you can choose from a wide range of models and motifs - from nautical to playful to elegant. 
The hair flower is a classic accessory in rockabilly and vintage fashion. We have exotic Hawaiian flowers, noble velvet flowers and also large flower arrangements with which you can also brighten up your hat or tied turban. Dive into the colour variety of our high-quality flower world.
You can find the right accessories for every style of dress - from swing skirts to Marlene trousers - even without headdresses.