black white summer hats with flowers

Big vintage style hats with beautiful flowers: classic shape - practical innovation

Big hats are especially popular in summer. They protect your head from too much sun and create an elegant look. No wonder Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren became style icons!  

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Our hats are woven from Sinamay. This is an Asian sisal-hemp fibre and hats made from it are considered to be very dimensionally stable. Currently, our wonderful hats are available in cream white and in black. Both versions are not solid woven, so they let some light through and look even lighter - just like a real summer hat.  
The special thing about our hats is their flower decoration - the flowers are removable, so you can exchange them for another colour.

Our hats with changeable flowers

We've been working on these flowers for a long time, because you can also wear them as brooches and hair flowers. And with a little trick you can also change the flower on the hats. In this way, one hat offers you many variations. The overall picture is particularly harmonious if the hat flower and the  corsage flower on the clothing are of the same style and colour.

Big Cartwheel Hats

These wonderful large hats are also known as cartwheel hats. Especially in the 30's this hat shape was very popular. Our cartwheel hats will captivate you with their colours and material mix (lace, cotton, straw, sinamy).