Beret for women

The beret first appeared in the Middle Ages and was worn by intellectuals and people of higher classes. In the 19th century, the design was reused within military uniforms and, with the French Revolution, found its place within social fashion and culture. In the 1940s the beret became fully established as a fashionably elegant accessory and enjoyed great popularity. 
Nowadays the beret knows no more narrow limits. Anyone can wear a beret, especially the accessory has established itself in the ladies' world. The beret also knows no seasons. They are worn in spring, summer, autumn and winter. If the wool fabric is perhaps unsuitable for the summer, we at Miranda's Choice also have berets made of raffia


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We have designed the beret, known as a beret beret, with great attention to detail, harmonious colour combinations and with different applications to suit every occasion. The modern, close-fitting cut of this sporty, elegant beret fits the everyday life of every stylish vintage lady. By the way, the berets go perfectly with Marlene trousers and clothes made of tweed.


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