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Fascinator - Celebrate wedding in 40s style

A bride without a fascinator or hat? Can there even be such a thing? Our clear answer: No! After all, a festive headdress is the essential element of every bride's outfit, next to the wedding dress and the bridal bouquet. Or don't you think so? Our bridal headdresses are inspired by the vintage fashion of times gone by. Our fascinators or sweet mini hats with or without veils, cocktail clips, vintage jewellery and our romantic bridal hats in the shape of hearts would have made the hearts of brides in the 40s and 50s beat faster.

Your wish is my command!

Made according to your wishes

I would be happy to make the perfect headdress for your dream wedding. Just write me via the contact form which headdress you would like to have ;-).
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Bridal fashion of 50s in eternal elegance: read more

Find the right Bride Fascinator for your Rockabilly wedding: cute mini hats with and without veils, cocktail clips and our romantic heart-shaped bridal hats would have surely made the bridal hearts of the 40s and 50s beat faster. With a Bride Fascinator you emphasize your femininity either by simple elegance or by extravagant headdress. Either way, you can be sure of one thing: you will appear stylish and attract all eyes on your big day!

Our Fascinators - Wedding with style

Rockabilly weddings have become the absolute trend. But we do not see ourselves as trendsetters, we live the Rockabilly lifestyle. With love and heart, we design all pieces of jewellery ourselves and make them carefully by hand. Discover the world of Miranda's Choice and choose your fascinator for the next Rockabilly wedding - whether as bride or as wedding guest.