Easy Turban band

Easy Turban ( pre-tied - put on & done)


Admittedly, our Easy Turbans are a little more expensive, but they offer you absolute comfort. The long band is equipped with an elastic band inside, so that the size perfectly adapts to your head shape and size. The band is closed at the top with a hidden velcro fastener (so that the band can be tightened or widened as desired). The crown is already set up and laid in voluminous folds and sewn by hand. The folds are stable because there is a wire inside, so everything stays in place. It really couldn't be simpler.
Our customers are very impressed with our Easy Turban, which is available in many colours and patterns. Thanks to the fastener, the hairstyle remains intact. The crown always fits perfectly. The band has a perfect hold. 
With this Esay turban, you'll have your hair done in vintage style in no time.

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