Hairbands & Turbans - the ultimate Vintage Style

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Hairbands & turbans - a must have of Rockabilly accessories

A hair band knotted on the head is the fashionable epitome of the 50s and simply belongs to rockabilly style. The turban, on the other hand, looks more elegant and authentic. You can also quickly conjure up this vintage look with our long hairbands. By the way, turbans and hairbands are the perfect remedy for a bad hair day! But even if your hair is perfectly in place, our hairbands with different patterns and colours are a must-have for the perfect "Rosie the Riveter" look.

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How to tie hairbands and turbans in vintage style

The most important thing first: hairbands and turbans in authentic vintage style are tied from the back to the front or top. The ears are slightly covered, so that about half the ear can be seen with hair bands, with turbans the earlobes are sufficient. The inner wire allows you to easily twist and shape the hairbands and turbans. You don't need any extra hair clips and everything stays in place. All day long. I promise.

Rockabilly hairband: tribute to Rosie the Riveter

There she is with her red and white Polka Dot hairband, the dynamically rolled up shirt sleeves and the "We can do it" slogan - Rosie the Riveter. She has shaped the image of the working and independent woman since the 1940s - and the typical Rockabella style. She was originally an invention of US war propaganda and was intended to motivate women to work in the arms industry. Riveters were "Nieter", who screwed planes and other war vehicles together. The hairband protected the hairstyle from dust and dirt.        

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