half hats in 50th style

Half hat & Cocktail Hat - handmade classy & fine in Vintage Style

The Half Hat is a kidney-shaped fascinator. From the shape to the final hat, we make the hats ourselves. It is worn on the back of the head according to the classic model, but it can also be worn on the side or in the middle. Thanks to the clips on the underside, the hat has a good hold everywhere.


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lilac half hat with hydrangeas



About 5 years ago I was looking in old fashion house catalogues and picture books for a counterpart to the usual fascinator. It had to be a hat that looked like a headdress from the 50s, but could be combined with the material advantages of today. After endless attempts to get cellular rubber into the right shape and to cover it with various fabrics, the first half hat with hydrangea blossoms was created. Each blossom has a pearl in the middle and is sewn on by hand. Today, our half hats with blossoms are available in many colours and are among the most popular products..
pink half hat with lace



Once the basic shape for this versatile half hat had been found, there were no limits to creativity. Smaller shapes have also been created, which are particularly popular for everyday wear because they are flat and fit the head beautifully. But of course, the sky's the limit. Meanwhile, we also offer half hats (in this noble form, they are more commonly called cocktail hats), which almost cover the entire back of the head and are decorated with elegant lace.
Bandeau hat with roses



The Bandeau Hat does not have a fixed base, its base is mostly made of wire so that it can be bent into the perfect shape. Actually, the hat already has a good hold on the head this way, nevertheless, we have provided it with 2 crocodile clips on the underside.

This hat is particularly elaborate in its production. Each leaf and flower has been elaborately made by us, the velvet fabric used underlines the noble work.

light blue Infinity half hat


The INFITIY HAT – Infinite hat Love

Brand new to our hat family is the Infinity Hat, because its basic shape is the lying eight. This half hat is known from the series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Our Infinity hats are reinforced with wire and covered with fabric or made of straw. We do not give these hats a lavish decoration, because we want the incomparable shape to come into its own.
noble velvet half hat


Elegant Embroidered Half Hats

Perfect for a festive evening event, we have made our velvet half hats for you. The beginner of these hats can be found in our collaboration with the Swiss pinup model Miss Betty Raven, for Betty we designed a velvet halfhat with a large velvet bow. This fascinator was embroidered with diamond-shaped coffers, small acrylic beads and sparkling rhinestones.


This half hat saw the light of day thanks to the milliner Lilly Daché, who was awarded a prize for her fashion skills in 1941. The hat was especially popular in 50s fashion. Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth II were also often spotted wearing the Half Hat. In 1957, the Times described the Half Hat as a royal God-ordained hat shape for American womanhood, so the hat was also called the Halo Crown. 

Frequently asked questions

How are the half hats attached?

On the underside are toothed 1-2 crocodile clips, these are additionally covered with fabric to protect your hair. The clips hold even with short hair, if you have very fine hair, then first push a conventional bobby pin into the hair and then clamp the hair with the crocodile clip vertically under the hairpin.

Where do I wear the Half Hat?

Classic half hats are usually worn more on the back of the head. But there is no must for everything! It is also pretty if you wear it on the side and further forward. So you can see your headdress also from the front.

I have a special request, will you customize for me?

I love to fulfill customer wishes. Contact me and have a lokk at our Custom made products.
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