Turban hairband with wire

Turban hairbands with wire

The turban is a popular fashion accessory for all vintage fans that has experienced a real resurgence in recent years. Turbans have taken back the catwalks of the world. Not only can they be found in the fashion of the 1920s-1960s, but also the boho or hippie style can be wonderfully combined with turbans. 
Our Turband hairbands with wire can easily be tied in many variations. The scarf can be worn flat, with volume or twisted as a rose on the head.
First things first: hairbands and turbans in authentic vintage style are tied from the back to the front or top. The ears are slightly covered, so that in the case of hairbands about half the ear is visible, and in the case of turbans the earlobes are sufficient. Because of the wire inside, you can easily twist and shape the Rockabilly hairbands and vintage turbans. You don't need any additional hair clips and yet everything stays in place. All day long. Promised.

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