Turban hairband with wire

Turban Hair band with wire - so many styles


Our wire turban hairbands are quick and easy to tie into many vintage style looks. The scarf can be worn flat, with volume or twisted as a rose/knot on the head. 

If you want it even easier; we also have Easy Turbans! These are already pre-tied and are simply fastened with Velcro.

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The turban hair band - many variations

Turban Hairband ochre



This is the easiest way to wear your turban hairband. The hair band is twisted once at the top and the ends are simply pushed under the band. This is very quick. This look is compatible with many styles and absolutely suitable for everyday wear.

Hairband Turban petrol



Twist the resin ribbon on top of your head once very tightly, the sides will then hang down like ears. Now intertwine the sides, twist and press them tightly until you get the desired shape (e.g. a kind of rose).

Turban pink



After you have twisted the hair band once on your head, fold in one end and then the other in a zigzag, simply push the protruding ends under the band. 


Turban Tips

We make our turban hairbands from fabrics from our current collection. These include both polyester and cotton fabrics (the details are shown in the article). The advantage of polyester hairbands is that they do not crease. You can also iron cotton ribbons carefully. Move the wire inside so that the iron does not come into contact with it. All hairbands can be washed at max. 30 degrees, no tumble dryer.