Side Cap in army style

Side cap - cap in classic Army & Navy style

Whether soldier, sailor or stewardess - shuttle originally also belong to the uniform fashion. Today, the caps belong to the classic retro outfit like cherries to the Rockabella and are, along with berets, among the most popular vintage caps.

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In the 40s, the shuttle was not only part of everyday life for soldiers - more and more women also boldly put the shuttle on their hairstyle. The narrow shape leaves enough space for artfully coiffed quiffs and Victory Rolls.

Vintage meets Military Look

Sailor ahoy! /Sailor ahoy! Our ships give your style the typical 40s look. In the years of the 2nd World War uniforms were omnipresent and raw materials were scarce. So what could be more obvious than to use uniform components, like the little ship, as a fashionable hair accessory. And so shuttles were not only an essential part of men's uniforms, they also increasingly adorned the heads of the female population. Today, shuttles belong to the classic retro outfit like cherries to the Rockabella. You can wear them true to style in olive - which looks especially beautiful on red-haired women - or you can decorate your head in the blue tones of the sailor style. Miranda's Choice: selected vintage fashion & accessories for you Can't get enough of rockabilly, retro and vintage fashion? Discover our fascinators, pillbox hats, retro straw hats and turban headbands. In addition to our vintage accessories you can also find stylish jewelry and circle skirts to complete your outfit! Psssst: all our products are self-designed and handmade with love!