Half Hats - the half-cap fascinator 

The Half Hat describes a hat that leaves a large part of the head uncovered. The back of the head and also the pony part remains free. The most common form is the kidney form.

Half Hat - Vintage accessory & symbol of femininity

This hat was born through the hatter Lilly Daché, who received an award for her modiste arts in 1941. Especially in the 50s fashion the hat was very popular. Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth II were also often seen wearing the half hat. In 1957, the Times described the Half Hat as the royal God-given hat shape for American femininity.  

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Our Half Hats are also vintage inspired - with fine lace, hand embroidered, in different sizes or decorated with flowers. We design and manufacture all our jewellery for you with love and care.

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