Hair bands and turbans in vintage style


From hairbands with wire to Easy Turbans

Our hairbands and turbans are especially suitable for a quick hairstyle finish. They are hand-sewn from great fabrics from our current collection. After one or two tries in front of the mirror, you too will be able to tie it in seconds thanks to our video instructions, or you can choose the Easy Turban, which you only have to put on.

Rockabilly style hair bands with wire
Easy Turban pre-tied - with lots of volume
Turban hairband with wire

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Haarband mit Draht in Schwarz mit bunten Blumen To do
Ready, twist and go! The black hair band with colourful flowers can be combined to many colours. 
This trendy Hair band with wire  will be a loyal companion – not only on bad hairdays! Head wraps like this one were absolutely popular during the 50ies and have experience a revival over the last...
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The wire inside almost guarantees a quick put on and a good hold on the head.

For some, the hairband look reminds them of the widow Bolte, but this is usually said with a wink, because shortly afterwards the expression "that looks cute" always comes up. Well, hairbands are a classic and even in the past women saw the practical and quick benefits. At the latest after the advertising poster with Rosie the Riveter "yes, we can do it", this style has also become a symbol of strong women. 




We worked on this version for a long time to make tying as easy as possible - and we succeeded! You simply put the elastic band around your head and close it at the top with an invisible velcro fastener. The crown is pre-tied and fixed. Our Easy Turbans fit any head shape!




Admittedly, it's only a long hair band, but you can give it a lot of volume thanks to the length and the wire. It can be worn in a number of different ways: you can tie it flat, as a rose or put it up. You can always choose from a wide range of colours and patterns in our fabrics (velvet, viscose, cotton or polyester).

Frequently asked questions

This does not work for me

I hear this sentence very often, unfortunately, it is important that you tie our hairbands properly. Make sure you don't knot it, just twist it in at the top. Some people have a very flat back of the head, here it can help not to pull the band so tight.

And the wire does not break either?

For more than 8 years we have the hairbands now in the program, a wire has never gone in two. You just twist it a little and don't bend the wire back and forth wantonly for a long time.

Where is the difference between turban hair band and hair band

The länge, the hair band in the short variant is about 80 cm long and the long variant as a turban comes to a length of about 120 cm


In recent years, the turban look has experienced a real revival. Turbans have taken back the catwalks of the world. Not only can they be found in fashion from the 1920s to the 1960s, but the boho or hippie style can also be wonderfully combined with turbans.
Our tip: The ears are covered by at least one third, so of course earrings can also be perfectly staged.
You can often find a swing skirt made of the same fabric to go with our hair bands and turbans. For those who like it a little more lush, the turban can also be combined with our large hair flowers or fascinators
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