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Vintage and Rockabilly Style Fascinators

The fascinator is an old hat, Marie Antoinette had already discovered these little hats for herself. Our passion for fascinators knows no bounds. We creatively set the scene for a wide variety of themes. We pay attention to quality, select high-quality materials, rely on handwork and also keep an eye on the wearing comfort. Your hat should fit snugly on your head, so that you hardly notice it's there - this is ensured by crocodile clips on the underside, which are covered to protect the hair.

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Red Net hat "Whimsy" with red flowers & with veil round hat in red with veil
Beautiful vintage style open hat in red with veil and flowers.This hat with an open crown is known as "Whimsy". The hats of this type are made of little solid material, a veil, which usually could cover the whole head, is their trademark.   
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Fascinator red veil flowers



Flowers are probably the oldest way to decorate your head. That is why fascinators with flowers are considered rather classic. However, the flower composition itself can reveal a lot about the hat and the wearer through colour, arrangement and type of flower: noble, simply playful, romantic. Fascinators with exotic flowers are often associated with the Tiki style. Tiki culture is old hat in the vintage world. Accessories with bamboo, frangipanis, monster leaves and all kinds of exotic details enjoy unrestricted popularity.
Fascinator lobster



Maritime fascinators with stripes, anchors and ships are simply part of the scene. Old school tattoos like anchors or mermaids are simply part of the rockabilly scene. But vintage nautical fashion also includes simpler designs like stripes. The colours red, white and blue are almost obligatory here.
Fascinator popcorn



n hardly any other subculture, such as the vintage or rockabilly scene, creations made of/with fruit are more important: cherries as a tattoo motif, pineapples as a decorative element, lemons printed on fabric, miniature fruit as jewellery. Thanks to Enie van de Meiklokjes, baking and hat fashion somehow belong together. Our little mini hats can be a feast for the eyes with pastries, cakes and other treats.
Potter fascinator



Rockabilly style in particular can be very playful, which is why there are fascinators that make childhood dreams come true. Most fairy tales let us sink into a magical world, we feel like a princess or we are the brave dragon slayer ourselves. Our little hats give you the opportunity to become a part of the story yourself and keep the child in you. Be a magic student, wear a glass slipper, sleep for many years, kiss the frog, go down the rabbit hole or fly with the wind. Or how about your favourite animal? Flamingo, fox and co. are skilfully staged on the little hat and thus unite hat and animal love!
headdress with fruits



Our great idol for extravagant hat fashion is our name giver Carmen Miranda. Carmen Miranda is considered the Brazilian Bombshell of the 40s in the USA and also beyond the country's borders. She became famous above all for her wonderful smile and her extraordinary hat creations, which mostly consisted of elements of various fruits - The woman with the Tuttifrutti Hat. Miranda herself said "Bananas is my Business".


We have fascinators for almost every theme. What you can't find, we can make and customise for you.

By the way, you can combine a fascinator with hairbands & turbans.

Did you know that we also offer jewellery to match our fascinators, hats and clothes? A large selection of earrings from our own production is also waiting for you! 

Frequently asked questions

How do I fix a fascinator?

On the bottom are toothed 2 crocodile clips, these are to protect your hair additionally covered with fabric. The clips hold even with short hair, if you have very fine hair, then first push a conventional bobby pin into the hair and then clamp the hair with the crocodile clip vertically under the hairpin.

How long is the veil/net?

I like to leave the veil always a little longer and leave it to my customers to trim the net to the desired length. It also looks very pretty. If you place the veil like a cloud under your hat

How do I get the veil smooth?

Treat the veil carefully and with distance with a little steam (from the iron). After a few steam strokes, the net will be wrinkled again.

Fascinator of my dreams

Whether as a bridal hat or motto fascinator, we are happy to fulfill your wishes and make for you, feel free to contact us.
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Sandra Facebook Empfehlung April 2020

Sehr schöne Accessoires und eine hochwertige Verarbeitung zeichnen dieses Label aus. Dazu ist die Inhaberin sehr nett und macht fast alle Wünsche wahr.

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WUNDERVOLL! Das Sortiment wird laufend erweitert, die Kreativität der Künstlerin kennt keine Grenzen. Besonders zu empfehlen ist die Sonderanfertigung - für Hochzeiten, Auftritte oder den einzigartigen Moment: Nadine steht mit Begeisterung zur Seite, berät und erklärt und hält auf dem Laufenden und ist auch noch fix. Ganz ganz große Klasse. Und ihre Werke sprechen ja wohl für sich...

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Elisa Facebook Empfehlung April 2020

Super liebe Designerin die mit dem Herz bei der Sache dabei ist, es ist immer schön Leute wie sie kennen zu lernen die lieben was sie tun! Ich liebe mein Outfit welches eigentlich für Las Vegas gedacht war, uns Corona leidervallen einen strich durch die Rechnung gemacht hat. Freue mich allerdings schon sehr auf meine Tops aus der neuen Kollektion. Leute helft und unterstützt die kleinen Labels gerade in solchen Zeiten sie haben es mehr als verdient!