Neanderthals already used skins to protect themselves from the cold. Hides are therefore probably the oldest piece of clothing in the world. Well-heeled Egyptians liked to dress themselves in predator skins to demonstrate their rank to the world. Predators are difficult to hunt and are a symbol of speed and strength...

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hopefully these strengths were passed on to the hunter. Furs have always been considered an exclusive status symbol. At the latest after World War II, fashion designers discovered this old chic, so Christian Dior brought the first animal print to the catwalk in 1947. Rare, sexy and above all dangerous was considered a wild statement and from the 1950s at the latest, it was impossible to imagine the fashion world without it. Style icons like Elisbeth Taylor, Jackie Kenndy or Betty Page wore Leo (as print, fur or fakefur). So this pattern is an integral part of vintage or rock'n'roll fashion.
Be strong, be smooth and beautiful - not for others but for yourself!
We created our outfit "Wildcat" on the occasion of this year's Viva Las Vegas Weekender (USA). It includes a skirt, a shirt, a hair flower, jewellery and to complete the appearance of a diva: a turban hair band.


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