Of course, something maritime should not be missing in our collection. Because maritime themes are an integral part of the fashion world. By the way it was
Coco Chanel, who in 1917 made shirts in the Breton style, paving the way for them to move from casual wear to women's fashion. In our outfit we do without the classic stripes but remain true to the colours blue and white.

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We have created a circle skirt with a beautiful button placket, which has a wave shape. The buttons here are little shells. By the way, the mussel theme is also reflected in the lush necklace, and matching earrings with small lobsters. And of course a headdress with a ship is not missing. We created this and 14 other outfits on the occasion of this year's Viva Las Vegas Weekender (USA). Unfortunately, the event and therefore our fashion show is cancelled due to the Corona crisis. Since we don't want to wait another year, we now present you our collection here. 


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