In various mythologies, the peacock is considered a bird of the gods and messenger of the gods. As a symbol of power and beauty, the peacock is often found in history as an ornamental bird of powerful rulers.  In the Belle Epoque the colourful bird was often used as a decorative element. The dialect of an imaginary peacock is tricked by this enumeration...

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because to be graceful and proud does not have to be a weakness of character! 
We too have been enchanted and have taken the peacock as our inspiration. Deep petrol blue, unobtrusive golden elements and the peacock's eye - either as a real feather or as an embroidery motif - can be found in this outfit.
A large headdress, a wide swinging skirt with appliqué, a sophisticated halter neck top and embroidered earrings take up the theme of grace and elegance. We created this and 14 other outfits for this year's Viva Las Vegas Weekender (USA). Unfortunately, the event and with it our fashion show is cancelled due to the Corona crisis. Since we don't want to wait another year, we now present you our collection here. 


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