Flower Lace

Flower lace
Our creations are mostly very colourful, playful and sometimes even kitschy. But we can also be different. And we would like to introduce this elegant outfit to you. The circle skirt is made of noble fabric with a very light shimmer. The hem consists of a very fine flower lace in black, pink and mint green.

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Practical on the skirt is the patch pocket. And that it is easily adjustable from S to Xl. Our Flexifix system with elastic waistband and elastic band makes this possible.
Matching the skirt is a black hat, in which the lace is used as upper material, in addition the flowers of the lace are decorated with many pearls.
We created this and 14 other outfits on the occasion of this year's Viva Las Vegas Weekender (USA). Unfortunately the event and our fashion show will be cancelled due to the Corona crisis. Since we don't want to wait another year, we now present you our collection here. 


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