Strong women at roll call!
The so-called military look has become an integral part of the fashion world. This is not about dressing in a war glorifying way, but rather about a strong appearance, which is underlined by the often strict cut of uniforms. We have been inspired by the uniforms in our "Apell" outfit. The colouring of the skirt is strongly reminiscent of uniforms, even the round eyelet buttons are taken from this look. However, we are not so strict, which is why we gave the skirt a swinging plate shape. As matching accessories we decided to use braces.

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Did you know that the simple T-shirt also originated in the army? But after World War 2 pacifists also discovered the practical use of this garment. That's why we also recommend a simple T-shirt with our skirt. The whole outfit is rounded off with a sid cap. We created this and 14 other outfits for this year's Viva Las Vegas Weekender (USA). Unfortunately the event and therefore our fashion show will be cancelled due to the Corona crisis. Since we don't want to wait another year, we present you our collection here. 


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