Besides hibiscus and farangipani flowers, the large leaves of the Monsterea plant are a much used element on fabrics or decorative elements. Just like ferns and bamboo, her prints can already be found on fabrics from the 50s. The language of the Monstera is universal. It is an icon of fashion and architecture...

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it stands for wealth and abundance and yet, due to its irrepressible nature, there is always something threatening about it. And therein lies probably also its attraction. We dedicate a complete outfit to the big leaves, consisting of skirt, top, earrings and headdress. We created this and 14 other outfits for this year's Viva Las Vegas Weekender (USA). Unfortunately the event and with it our fashion show is cancelled due to the Corona crisis. Since we don't want to wait another year, we now present you our collection here.


Monstera & white plumeria collier
This necklace with 3 wooden monstera leaves and small white frangipani flowers is the perfect accessory for a Hawaiian or Tiki party. The pretty leaves are a vintage classic. The chain in old bronze colours can be easily adjusted to the right length. We also have matching earrings with leaves and plumeria. 
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