Halloween & Fall

Halloween & Fall

Scary and beautiful

Also in autumn we will provide you from stylish to crazy with new  circleskirts, earrings and fascinators in vintage & rockabilly style.
You can expect bright warm colours, exclusive materials, a little glitter to get you in the mood for Christmas and bizarrely scary accessories for Halloween


All Saints' Day, Halloween and The Day of the Dead: read more

Halloween is not only an American tradition but has also long since found its way into Europe. Halloween refers to the evening before All Saints' Day ("All Hallows' Eve"). The true origin of the custom can no longer be traced exactly, Halloween is a mixture with Celtic and Catholic roots from different countries. It is celebrated with typical decorations like pumpkin and skeleton, probably that's why this holiday is also very popular in the Rockabilly community.
Children in disguise go around the houses and demand "Trick or treats!". There are many similarities to the Mexican Day of the Dead (dias de los Muertos), which is also celebrated on All Souls' Day. Here, too, they decorate with elaborate and colourful skeletons (sugar skulls or calaveras). The Mexican custom assumes that on that night, the dead visit the living to celebrate with them with music, dance and good food.
Whether you want to celebrate the Day of the Dead or Halloween, you will find fancy earrings with skulls, Fascinator with cockroaches, accessories with eyeballs and also a circle skirt with an application of the popular Sugar Skulls.

Autumn: Bright leaves, colourful berries and special animals

Oh, you beautiful autumn,
How you make the leaves golden,
Your pure air so clear and still,
Once again, I want to rejoice. " (Theodor Fontane)

But autumn can also be cold and grey. In any case, we want you to be well protected during the season and wrap yourself in beautiful fabrics of velvet, wool and tweed.
Protect your ears from the first frost with our ear warmers made of loden cloth), add a colourful accent with our jewellery and hats or dance in our vintage-look circle skirts against the winter

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