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Berets and side cap: no old hat at all for true vintage fans

Originally part of a uniform and a sign of high dignitaries, beret and side cap have been worn by men for centuries. In the 20s, the ladies also adopted the beret as a headdress. And in the 1940s, the shuttle was not only part of everyday life for soldiers - more and more women were perky in their hairstyles. The narrow shape leaves room for artistically styled quiffs and victory rolls.

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The beret

The beret decorates the heads already for 500 years and was THE fashionable headgear of the ladies from the 20s to the 60s. And one thing the beret - also known as a beret - has always been: made of warm, cuddly wool. We have provided it with a lot of love for detail, harmonious colour combinations and with different applications to suit every occasion. The modern, tight-fitting cut of this sporty, elegant beret fits the everyday life of every stylish vintage lady. Perfect with Marlene trousers, by the way. 

Vintage meets military look: side cap

Sailor ahoy! Our boats give your style the typical 40s look. In the years of the 2nd world war uniforms were omnipresent and raw materials were scarce. So what was more obvious than to use uniform components as fashionable accessories. And so boats were not only an essential part of men's uniforms, they also increasingly adorned the heads of the female population. Today, shuttles belong to the classic retro outfit like cherries belong to Rockabella. You can wear them in olive - which looks especially beautiful on red-haired women - or you can decorate your head in the blue shades of the sailor look.

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