Minhats - our small cute fascinators

Small but powerful. If this expression did not already exist, we would invent it for our Mini Hats. The small hats are perfect as vintage entry-level hat models to set sweet retro accents or to cover up an unfavourable whirl in the hairstyle. With a veil they are a bit more discreet than our Fascinators but no less striking.

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All our Mini Hats have a diameter of 7.5 cm and are attached with a crocodile clip on the underside of the hair. And because we love hair as much as hats, the clasp is covered with fabric. So sharp edges are covered, but the structure of the clip still holds the Mini Hat perfectly in the hairstyle - even with short hair. Like all hats from Miranda's Choice, our Mini Hats are designed and manufactured with great attention to detail, a large portion of charm and craftsmanship.

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