Vintage skirts made by measure

Custom-made - your circle skirt perfectly tailored to you

We make your own circle skirt according to your measurements and perfectly matched to your figure. You only have to indicate your waist size and your desired length. Or you can choose a suitable size directly. When choosing fabrics, we always pay attention to high quality, fair trade and ecological footprint

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Your circle skirt sewn by us just for you - Made to measure circle skirt

The classic form of the circle skirt, as you can find it in our shop, comes from the fashion world of the early 50s. The midi length ends between knee and calf. The skirt is worn at the waist and has a tight cut at the top and then falls down farther and farther (sometimes more than four metres at the bottom). If you turn around in a circle skirt, the skirt stands off the body like a round platform .

Circle skirt-Outfit

The circle skirt is comfortable and very practical. It can be executed with or without petticoat. If you combine it with the matching tops and accessories, it is an all-round talent. Combine it with a top in summer, with a sweater or cardigan in winter and wear it with a T-shirt in everyday life or a blouse in the office and you are always perfectly styled.