Circle skirts with FlexiFix - one size

Circle skirts - one size

Did you know that the figure of every woman is different in summer and winter? Our small or larger fat reserves go on the move between the seasons. Due to evolution, we have more on our hips and stomach in winter, while the waist tapers a little towards summer and our fat reserves become less at this point and some even move towards the chest.

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Flexi Fix - one size, fits all!


Circle skirt with Flexifix - onesize, fits all! 

So even without pregnancy or hormonal fluctuations, a woman's body is always changing. It can be so frustrating to have a favourite piece that after a short time just won't fit anymore. Well, the disposable industry is happy.
That is why we developed the FlexiFix skirt (see video at the bottom of the page).
It is a circle skirt with a wide elastic rockband at the top, so that the skirt is worn tight (but not constricting) at the waist. The waistband can also be adjusted invisibly wider or tighter. Whether size S or XL, whether a salad for lunch or a cake for dessert, whether worn at the waist or even as a hip skirt, this skirt goes with everything!
The skirt is tight at the top and flared at the bottom; if you turn around, the skirt stands off the body like a plate. It ends between knee and calf. When choosing fabrics, we always pay attention to high quality, fair trade and our ecological footprint.